A view from the top

A view from the top

Jaime Arqué, Chairman of the European Helicopter Assocation

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The landscape of our industry continues to develop and as rotorcraft technology advances, safety regulations retain a vital aspect of our everyday business. The helicopter crash in Norway earlier this year was a tragedy, and shows more than ever how crucial it is, even in the 21st century, for us to continue working tirelessly to cooperate with the authorities and adhere to safety programmes.

As the voice of the rotorcraft industry in Europe, the European Helicopter Association (EHA) are resolute in our pursuit of safety, while defending the growth of our industry. We work vigorously to represent and promote all sectors of the industry as being economically important, safe, sustainable, and essential to the success of European and National economies. However, although progress is being made, it is important that all countries and stakeholders work together on a united path, to achieve success.

Today, helicopter uses include medical services, search and rescue, fire-fighting, law enforcement, public security, transportation of people and cargo, agriculture, etc. and it is it our duty to make sure that the unique characteristics of this means of transportation and the vital services it provides to the community are fully recognized by the general public and the institutions.

To this extent, a special initiative we are currently working on is a paper aimed at providing clear insight into the social and economic value of current and future modern helicopters. We hope to address the key success factors that must be achieved to fully exploit this unique element of Europe’s transport infrastructure. Coming out in the next few months, the report will provide vital material for our members to take their message to the national stage.


We consider Helitech International the ideal platform for us to raise awareness of our work, and for the rotorcraft sector to have a dedicated show where networking, business opportunities and a full educational programme are accessible to the whole community.

The high quality exhibitors and in-depth seminar and workshop sessions provide a fantastic array of information on regulatory aspects, the latest technological and safety advancements, how the market will look in the future, and the key factors of success.

We look forward to welcoming you to Helitech International in Amsterdam this October 11-13.

Jaime Arqué, Chairman of the EHA

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