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Gillian Jenner, Editorial Consultant, Helitech International

JOB2230W0151Efficiency is one of the rotorcraft industry’s key words at the moment. Across a range of sectors, operators around the world are looking to introduce operational efficiencies that ensure their investments in helicopters are being used as smartly as possible.

During this year’s Helitech International seminar and workshop programme, we will be investigating how the rotorcraft industry can create efficiency gains. What’s become apparent over the past decade is that helicopters are not a luxury, they are an expensive investment that need to be utilised properly, regardless of the sector they are being used in.

The need for more speed has been widely covered recently, with Airbus recently announcing a patent for what will be a record breaking helicopter that can reach speeds of up to 239mph/384kmh. While the ability to carry out missions quicker has its benefits, there are many other ways to improve efficiencies.

The introduction of new technologies, better training, integration of operations and evaluating the way missions are carried out can also reduce costs and potentially improve productivity. Attendees this year will certainly leave with a number of ideas on how to develop their businesses.

Another area that is extremely topical in the HEMS side of the industry is future approaches to pre-hospital medicine. As such, we will be examining this in detail at Helitech International, where speakers will discuss the latest trends and what they mean in terms of future helicopter developments.

While the number of helicopter-related accidents has decreased over the years, safety remains hugely important and will form a key part of this year’s programme. The European Helicopter Association (EHA) will run a series of informative sessions on Tuesday, 11 October that focus on rule making and legislation in the rotorcraft industry. Ricardo Génova, Flight Standards Director at the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), will deliver a keynote speech on ‘developing a greater collaboration’, while the EHA Chairman, Jaime Arqué, will share his experiences of the changing nature of regulations in the industry.

‘Inspiration’ will be at the heart of this year’s event and the programme will be geared toward helping the rotorcraft community introduce best practices into their businesses, enabling them to succeed in the long term.

One of the features that I’m most looking forward to is the new Operators Forum. Taking place over lunch on Tuesday 11 October, this will provide a networking opportunity where operators can talk informally with their peers about the most important issues currently facing the industry. This is what Helitech International is all about – sharing ideas and making new contacts.

I’m always looking for new topics to cover during the event, so if you are experiencing a particular problem or would like advice on certain areas please get in touch as we may be able to help!

If you would like to join the Operators Form reserve your place online and submit your preferences for the discussion topics.

Gillian Jenner, Editorial Consultant, Helitech International

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