Meet the team behind Helitech International 2016: Imogen Weston, Marketing Executive

Meet the team behind Helitech International 2016: Imogen Weston, Marketing Executive

It’s now less than a month to go until the show opens its doors in Amsterdam. With the final arrangements being made I caught up with Imogen to hear all about life as a member of the Helitech International marketing team and her thoughts on what the event has in store for attendees and exhibitors this year.

Can you describe a day in the life of the Helitech International marketing team in the run up to the show?

I love working as part of the team, it’s exciting with a good buzz and a sprinkle of organised chaos. In the run up to the show it’s crucial to maintain constant communication with exhibitors to ensure they are aware of all the opportunities open to them, while keeping them in the loop about how everything works at the show. Particularly if they are making their debut.

How can exhibitors make the most out of the show?

It’s key to take advantage of the free marketing tools, webinars and the ‘My Event’ profiles before the show. If exhibitors go onsite well prepared they can set themselves up to have a highly successful event.

How would you sum up Helitech International in three words?

Inspiring, insightful and influential.

Which session are you most looking forward to?

It will be great to see the new Seminar & Workshop programme in all its glory, but I’m particularly looking forward to the Insight Seminars, where helicopter emergency medical services (HEMS), search and rescue operations (SAR), and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) will be in the spotlight throughout the show.

We’ve got a great line-up organised and attendees will be able to hear from global experts from companies including the Association of Air Ambulances, AAR Airlift Group, DroneSAR and Sky-Futures on topics ranging from the future trends in emergency medicine, to how rotorcraft businesses are integrating Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and systems into their operations.

What do you think is the best thing about Helitech International?

It’s got to be the community that takes part. It’s great to work with people that truly have an understanding of how the industry works and appreciate the insights we look to offer with the show Seminar & Workshop schedule. They’re a lovely, knowledgeable bunch to work with.

What’s the best bit about working as part of the Helitech International team?

Everyone’s here to support each other, as a small team it’s so important to know your colleagues have got your back! We are also big lovers of G&T.

Who is your aviation hero?

Tom Cruise, I’m not sure if he can be classed as an ‘aviation hero’, but Top Gun was a film I used to watch on repeat when I was younger.

Who would you want to be stuck in a helicopter with?

I’d probably say John Legend – then even if we were stuck for ages I could listen to him sing.

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