The people working behind the safety scene

The people working behind the safety scene

In the aviation system and especially within the rotorcraft sector, we always put a significant amount of emphasis on the importance of the safety of operations, safety culture, proportionality and recognition of the peculiarity of helicopter operations. However, sometimes we forget to give credit to the people who are working extremely hard, behind the scenes, to build a strong and safe helicopter environment.

It’s important to start with mentioning the National Helicopter Associations and the expertise which is provided through their members. These Associations are fulfilling their mandate by acting both at a national level, lobbying with their CAAs, and also at a European and International level through their membership with the European Helicopter Association (EHA).

Anything that is currently filling an Operations Manager office is the result of a huge amount of hard work performed by several people who have taken the step to improve things. While they have succeeded on a number of occasions, sometimes the goal isn’t quite hit. But, what is certain is that without the involvement of several rotorcraft experts, from the operators, manufacturers and regulatory side, our sector would have struggled even harder when attempting to cope with an aviation environment that very often doesn’t contemplate such a diverse range of operations like rotorcraft.

Moreover, our sector needs wisdom and a future-looking approach. It’s clear our reality is bound to change and when the time comes, our sector needs to be ready to respond, protecting our interests and the safeties of the EU citizens to whom it provides invaluable services.

That’s why EHA would like to take the opportunity to praise all the people who are supporting our cause. Without them we wouldn’t be able to make a change in the system. It’s the people that make the difference and when we promote collaboration it is to facilitate communication and enable a uniformity of intent.

Certainly, Helitech International gives us a great opportunity to gather all together as part of a dedicated show. It provides a fantastic platform for networking and it is our opportunity to share and gain new information, to be briefed on the latest news from the market, discuss regulatory aspects and get a deep insight on the safety activities.

So, as the quote from Antoine de Saint-Exupery in The Little Prince references: “what is essential is invisible to the eye” and the work of those “behind the safety scene” is essential to the ongoing success of our operations.


Elisabetta Dalla Benetta, EHA Executive Director

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  1. Enlightened article highlighting the hard work the Helicopter Industry not only in Europe but throughout the world is moving the Industry forwards. Helicopters are here to stay and I agree we must be ready to accommodate changes in both materials used for construction and development as well as aircrew training to support the new aviation systems now being placed in helicopters. The London Heliport moved forwards with the support of NATS with the changes in Single European Skies/EASA and the changes to airspace in the UK. Recognition within Europe for the most highly regulated Airspace in the world and how it is managed and governed due to the impact of European Legislation could be considered.

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