A true aviation hero joins Helitech International 2017

A true aviation hero joins Helitech International 2017

How would you react if your helicopter lost power over icy waters near Greenland? What would you do if you were confronted by a polar bear? Would you survive brutal conditions?


These are the questions that Sergey Ananov had to answer when he made a forced landing on water 42 hours into his attempt to circumnavigate the globe in a Robinson R22.


Many aviators have tried to fly around the world, some in fixed-wing aircraft and others in balloons, but none have achieved it in a helicopter.


With just 4,000 miles to go until he reached Moscow, Sergey’s dream was nearing reality when disaster struck by way of a transmission problem.


Having made a forced landing in icy cold waters between Canada and Greenland, Sergey knew he faced a fight for survival against the environment, polar bears and hunger. Miraculously he lived to tell the tale of which you’re probably familiar – if not you can read about it here.


Unperturbed by his near-death experience, later this year Sergey will be taking to the sky again to try and achieve the world record he so nearly set in the summer of 2015.


Everyone at Helitech International wishes Sergey and his team all the best in his latest challenge and we’re delighted to reveal he will be joining the 2017 event in London to share the stories from his second and hopefully successful adventure.


His story is remarkable and demonstrates the extraordinary industry that we work within. Firstly, the very fact he survived and could travel so far (34,000 miles) is testament to the strength of the aircraft itself. Secondly, the ability of SAR helicopters to reach remote places and save lives is incredible. And finally, Sergey’s passion for flying is something many of us can relate to.


We hope you’ll join us at ExCeL from 3-5 October 2017 to hear from this remarkable aviation hero.  His story will form part of this year’s highly anticipated Seminar Programme line-up which will run alongside the show exhibition.


By Rebecca Hearn, Exhibition Director

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