Drallim Industries debuts at Helitech International

Drallim Industries debuts at Helitech International

Drallim Industries Ltd will be exhibiting its new range of Helicopter Cargo Hooks at Helitech International next week from 3 – 5 October. This will be Drallim’s first ever attendance at the show and follows the successful launch of its new HAWK range of cargo hooks arising from the company’s recently completed modernisation programme.

“We’re here to promote our innovative cargo hook products at the core of the global rotary wing industry”, said Phil Wilson, Drallim’s Aerospace Divisional Manager. “We’ve come from a mostly military background but our target on this occasion is firmly focused on the civil market”.

The company has been supplying Helicopter Cargo Hooks under its ‘Cargo Aids’ branding to mostly military users since 1969. The Semi-Automatic Cargo Release Unit (SACRU 1 and 2) is a legacy product still in service with the UK MoD today having served more than 45 years deployment.

“‘This says a lot about the longevity and robustness of our designs”, Phil continued, “our military customers need no reminding of this, but we need to get this message across to the civil users as well”

Investing in the modernisation of its products as a completely self-funded venture turned out to be a well-judged decision for the company as it wasn’t long before Bell Helicopter selected the HAWK 8000 for its new 525 Relentless and V280 Valor platforms.

Modernisation has broadened the company’s scope of supply and Drallim Aerospace now offers its OEM customers a fully integrated solution – not just the cargo hook, but fixed provisions, stowage methods, multiple release mechanisms, electrical cabling and core operational feature-sets such as weight indication, situation awareness and Health and Usage Monitoring Systems (HUMS) – the latter gaining particular momentum throughout the aerospace industry.

“Taking a systems approach has enabled the company to offer a fully integrated solution including fixed provisions as part of the airframe design. Type approval is then achieved alongside aircraft qualification allowing the OEM to offer its customers the flexibility of quickly configuring their aircraft for underslung operation. This should be especially attractive to operators working with human external cargo (HEC); a more complex heavily regulated mission profile that requires additional safety provisions”, added Phil.

Drallim’s modernisation programme has yielded four new cargo hook systems, each Commercially-Developed / Military-Qualified and designed for a specific class of helicopter platform. The 1500Kg working load hook is the smallest and lightest offering in the new HAWK product family and is ideal for light-lift helicopters. Other hooks in the HAWK range include the 4000Kg, the 8000lb and the 10000lb, all unique in their own way and well suited for medium, super-medium and heavy-lift applications.

With a fresh, modern up-to-date product range comes a new branding as the time honoured ‘Cargo Aids’ gives way to a re-energised ‘Drallim Aerospace’. The move heralds the start of a new era for the company with a firm commitment reached out to partner OEMs on its platforms of the future.

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