Regional opportunities demonstrate vibrant and diverse industry

Regional opportunities demonstrate vibrant and diverse industry

Findings from the Global Civil Helicopter Market Research Report: Forecast to 2023 set a positive outlook for the Asia Pacific and North American regions, with steady growth predicted in both, while a projected surge in helicopter use in the Middle East & Africa will further expand the uptake and sales opportunities for the industry’s global, regional and local players.

The North American region, which already has the highest share of the global civil helicopter market – operating approximately 33% of the world’s helicopter fleet – will continue to dominate the market, growing its market value from $3.6m to $4.6m by 2023. This will be driven by the increased use of helicopters for parapublic missions such as charter services, aerial tours and emergency news generation operations, while Helicopters for Emergency Medical Services (HEMS) will continue to be an essential service in the US and Canada.

While North America will retain its market leader status, the Asia Pacific region, which represents 30% of the global civil and parapublic helicopter fleet, will witness the fastest growth, increasing market value from $1.7m in 2017 to $2.2m in 2023. With heavy investment in the infrastructure development of the civil helicopter market across the region, with China, India and South Korea seeing significant expansion, it is no surprise that the region is projected to grow at a projected CAGR of 4.31%.

Benefits offered by the rotorcraft industry, including speed of transport, ability to access remote areas and increasing affordability, continue to drive adoption of helicopters, with HEMS operations continuing to gain importance in countries such as India. Elsewhere in the region, the government backing and easing of airspace restrictions in China is expected to result in a significant increase in HEMS and Search and Rescue (SAR) operations. In addition, new schemes in both India and China are increasing uptake and encouraging manufacturers to set up operations within the region. For example, the ‘Make in India’ government scheme offers significant benefits for manufacturers looking to increase their presence in the region.

Also expected to enjoy significant growth are the Middle East and Africa regions following a phenomenal increase in their economy and tourism industries. In recent years, the demand for HEMS, law enforcement operations, oil and gas transportation and tourism has simultaneously driven the market, with growth set to continue increasing market value from $881k in 2017 to $1.1m in 2023, with a CAGR of 4.04%.

Retaining its path of growth following a period of expansion, the South American market is expected to have a consistent path of growth over the next five years. Brazil will see a growth in both offshore transportation and sightseeing operations, while HEMS operations and the ability to use helicopters in construction, cargo transport and utility work will help sustain the market. It is expected that, even in the future as growth continues, helicopters could play an increasingly important role within the region – an up and coming area to watch out for.

Finally, despite ongoing investment to prepare for the expansion of the civil helicopter market, Europe will see the slowest growth over the next five years. Despite an expected increase in market value from $2.8m in 2017 to $3.6m in 2023, it represents the lowest CAGR of 3.85%. This comes despite an ongoing demand from the medical, rescue and law enforcement industries, combined with a growing requirement from air charter services across the region.

The Global Civil Helicopter Market Research Report: Forecast to 2023 reveals a varied picture of growth. The adoption of helicopters within the EMS and commercial aviation sectors and increased interest from emerging countries reveals the true extent of the opportunity for the rotorcraft industry. With more than 16 countries represented at this year’s Helitech International, exhibitors and visitors will have an opportunity to explore first-hand the developments and opportunities for new partnerships and growth in every corner of the globe.

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